Looks like LeBron didn’t like his tweet. 

Lebron James turned to twitter to whine about clout chasers in a tweet he has since deleted, but that has been reposted because the internet doesn’t forget a thing, and how to screenshot is taught at a very young age these days. 

The tweet reads:

“Being corny/chasing clout is the Gold Standard. It’s literally rewarded these days! I didn’t come up like this. It’s so weird man. Corny as hell”

Obviously, no one really knows who Lebron was referencing, but I guess in this internet generation of thirsty idiots chasing viral moments, doing whatever they can to get noticed, it could be applied to everyone.

From the Mother blogger to the OnlyFans model, other players, rappers, musicians, even political analysts and podcasters.

Everyone is trying to do whatever “America’s Funniest Home Video” stunt they can to get noticed, whether that’s through racy content, dumb content, saying dumb things, the viral moment is the coveted dream I am sure one could argue that in aspects of Lebron’s other businesses, from his content production company, Springhill who are clout chasing in Art Basel and really is their business plan, but people have a hard time being self aware.

All this to say who cares about LeBron James..

Here’s that tweet:

There is no way to delete a tweet when you have too many people following you. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.

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