LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers shared that his family was a bit nervous about their new neighborhood, especially the new school

Per Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

“It was kind of nervous for all of us because it’s the beginning, it’s the start,” James said. “I mean, he did play flag football. Both of them played flag football before basketball season started, so they got acclimated that way as far as sports, but obviously basketball rings bells in our household and they both were extremely excited. They laid their uniforms out the night before, they laid their shoes out like it was the first day of school, so it’s a good start for us being in a new school, new community, a new neighborhood.”

But now things have settled down, and everyone appears very happy to be living in Southern California during December. 

And Bron just made a new addition to the household. 

A little puppy. 

Check out the photos below: 

LeBron’s oldest is also pretty happy about his new buddy. 

Watch below:

Great move by LeBron. 

You know kids love dogs, and kids who grow up with dogs become happier adults. 

Nothing scientific about that, just my opinion. 

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