Gloria James former boyfriend, Da Real Lambo, is back on Instagram, and this time he’s not holding back. Da Real Lambo is planning to release a tell-all book, claiming LeBron had an affair with Beyonce, and he has a secret baby.

Looks like Da Real Lambo isn’t too happy about being ousted from LeBron’s inner circle, and he’s out to expose LeBron by writing a tell all book. 

From BSO

The secret baby thing has been out there for a while and the reporter in question finally addressed the rumor and said it wasn’t true. There have obviously been rumors that Beyonce has a crush on LeBron.

It is possible Lambo just knows these rumors are out there and trying to capitalize on them or because he was in Bron’s inner circle for a while he legitimately has some dirt on him. Lambo sounds a bit unhinged, so Bron might want to take some legal steps to silence him because even if rumors not true, it could still be damaging to his career.

This is one book I’d be willing to read. No chance any publisher touches this with a ten foot pole. LeBron’s media empire will squash this if it even sniffs publication.