For a man who didn’t grow up with a Father, LeBron is a super quick study. 

Now that he’s in his 30’s, and has three kids, the oldest who is entering high school, LeBron seems to be hitting his stride in Fatherhood. 

Looks like he’s a pretty cool Dad, and according to, he’s the coolest Dad in America. 

Via Fatherly

Cool Dad Job: NBA Player, Activist, Producer

Cool Dad Vibe: GOAT

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Talking about LeBron’s basketball prowess is a waste of everyone’s time. He’s unbelievable. Amazing. Transcendent. All adjectives feel inadequate in the face of his achievements and dominance — except one: smart. LeBron James is such a remarkable physical specimen that it’s easy to forget the degree to which his success has been a product of his intelligence. In 2018, Lebron made it a lot harder for his haters to forget that he’s got brain game on them. Not only did Lebron make the move to Los Angeles — at least in part to create a better community for his kids, LeBron Jr., 13, Bryce, 11, and Zhuri, 3 — he helped launch the astonishing, breakthrough I Promise School in Akron. The school is also a community center and a lifeline for parents like James, who haven’t had his good fortune. And speaking of that fortune, LeBron is building momentum on his way towards what could become a media empire. He’s currently producing The Shop, his HBO talkumentary, Best Shot, Madam C.J. Walker, Million Dollar Mile, and, of course, Space Jam 2. That makes him one of Hollywood’s hottest producers and he hasn’t even taken a shot in a Lakers uniform. The only question left for James is whether or not he’ll play pro ball next to his son. Don’t bet against him.

LeBron definitely seems like a great dad. 

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