Lebron James niece has the internet on fire. LeBron and his wife Savannah keep deleting her pics and deactivating her pages, but she keeps coming back like this winter weather ️   

From our tipster:  

A niece of LeBron James’ wife, Savannah James, dropped a video of herself twerking in her bedroom. Kathryn Brinson is a voluptuous 20-something who could pass for her famous auntie’s twin. Kathryn is seen taking her assets on a bed while making faces at the camera.

So far there has been no comment from LeBron, who shares a 2-year-old daughter and two teenage sons with Savannah. LeBron is very protective of Savannah, who is his high school sweetheart, and by proxy, his niece. She keeps posting these scandalous pictures, I’m pretty sure the family doesn’t want to put out that image. 

Check out more pics of Kathryn Brinson in the gallery below