All the LeBron haters have been writing reports that the franchise isn’t happy with LeBron.  That didn’t sit too well with LeBron.  

At the bottom of the screen, LeBron saw a report that the Lakers were working on repairing their relationship with him.

That’s when he immediately took to his Instagram story to shut down the rumors.  

“That. Is. Not. True,” LeBron said. “It’s not true at all. I’m actually at the Lakers facility right now … HAHAHAHA!” 


If not for injuries, who knows if the Lakers would have made the  playoffs.  

Even  if they did, they wouldn’t  have gotten very far.  

LeBron needs more help, that much is clear. 

As for the boo birds who want to paint a picture like the Lakers aren’t happy with Bron,  that’s some BS. 

Being in the LeBron business is a guaranteed money maker.  

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