Back last November LeBron James and Enes Kanter had a little squabble. Kanter had a message for the four-time MVP: You’re not the king of New York. Now fast forward to this week, and LeBron had a response.  

In the latest version of the NBA Days of our Lives, check out the shoes Wearing black sneakers that read “I’m” on the left shoe and “King” on the right, James also had six rebounds and a few of his usual powerful dunks, including one where he broke in with a head of speed and Michael Beasley appeared in position to stop him before seeking safety and running by him out of the way . 

James had 26 points and 11 assists, Kevin Love scored 28 points, and the Cavaliers got their 50th win along with that Central Division title by beating the New York Knicks 123-109 on Monday night  

The NBA’s drama is real, because we all know the King of Akron can also be a huge drama Queen. Enes Kanter just runs his mouth to illicit reactions, and he’s pretty good at it. This is today’s NBA.