Everyone is anticipating LeBron in Los Angeles, and people are speculating on things like how will LeBron get to work? This is the kind of LeBron coverage going on these days now that he’s officially signed on the dotted line. 

This story comes via the LA Times, who asks in the headline, Will LeBron Bike to work? 

Via the Times

LeBron James made headlines in 2012 by biking from his Coconut Grove home to a Miami Heat game. If he wants to pedal to work as a Laker, it will take significantly more time, and could put him at risk of hurting both himself and the team’s playoff chances next year.

Mapping his potential commute illustrates the absence of a direct, safe and simple crosstown bike route in Los Angeles.

If LeBron wanted to ride his bicylce to work he picked the wrong team. If LeBron wanted to win a championship this season, he picked the wrong team. If LeBron wanted to grown his burgeoning empire of film and TV production, he picked the right team.