The Cleveland Cavaliers are big underdogs in the NBA Finals. Ahead of Thursday’s Game 1, the Golden State Warriors are favored by 12 points over the visiting Cavaliers. Looks as if LeBron and his squad are going to get crushed, or at least they’re predicted to. 

Fox Sports Colin Cowherd, trying to create the hottest of takes, thinks if things go badly enough for LeBron, he’ll just take a year off to reassess. Interesting take to say the least. 

This isn’t going to happen. LeBron is in his prime, even though he’s been in the league for so very long, he’s still playing at the highest level in his career. Time is precious, and Father time is a bastard. We’ll see what happens, never underestimate LeBron. 

 Check out some tweets below, I think everyone feels Colin is reaching on this one.