On February 18, Rémy Martin presented Klutch Sports Group “The Game Is Everything” Dinner at Beauty and Essex in Los Angeles. Celebrities such as LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian, Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart were in attendance. The guests enjoyed dinner as well as cocktails from Rémy Martin and a tasting of LOUIS XIII by Rémy Martin.

Rémy Martin is excited to take part in basketball’s biggest weekend. The MVP Experience was created because it is important to spotlight all the people it takes to achieve greatness. This weekend is the epitome of this notion. It is the time taken out of the season to celebrate the players, their achievements, and the collective of people it takes to get them to the top of their game. Much like the MVPs of the league, Remy Martin’s 300-year-old brand was not built by one person, but by a family. From the wine growers, distillers and 4 generations of cellar masters, it takes a village of people to create each bottle of cognac. Without an incredible team and their support system, there could be no “Most Valuable Player.”