The 13-year-old dazzled spectators at the prestigious John Lucas All-Star weekend in Houston over the weekend, scoring at will, freeing up space for his teammates to finish at the hoop and protecting the paint with the kind of determination that would make his father proud.

Chris Paul, who is James Jr.’s godfather, was in attendance to watch the tournament and looked taken aback by the teenager’s talent, particularly as the teenager went airborne to deliver a ferocious block.

LeBron James Jr., the son of the Cleveland Cavaliers star, has “standing scholarship offers” from both Duke and Kentucky, according to ESPN.  

By the time he’s ready to play in the NBA, the one and done rule will be long gone. There’s no way that rule sticks for much longer. I’m thinking just like his pops, he goes straight to the pros. Why not, it worked out pretty well for LeBron Sr.