Rumors of where LeBron will end up next season have swirled the entire season up to this point.  Would he leave Cleveland again?  Will he sign with the Lakers or maybe the 76ers?  

Nobody really knows.  According to NBA insider Chris Sheridan, LeBron will definitely be leaving Cleveland.  He says LeBron’s relationship with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is “beyond repair.”  The number one issue is Gilbert’s support of President Trump.


When the information was given to me, my source said: “The entire NBA knows it. The only people who don’t are the media.”

And as I mentioned in that pinned tweet, the reason for James’ pending departure is a relationship with ownership that is beyond repair.

So let’s take a look at what each of these guys stands for, put it together with the polarized political climate in the United States, and provide some additional clarity to skeptics, trolls, the NBA intelligensia, et al.

The No. 1 reason why this is going to happen is because Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is a huge Trump supporter; LeBron is not.

If supporting Trump is a deal breaker for LeBron, and every indication is that it is, then he will be out of Cleveland so fast your head will spin.  

Where he ends up might be more entertaining than the playoffs this year.  You can only watch the Warriors and Cavs face each other so many times.