Luke Walton’s days are numbered as the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

On ESPN’s “Hoop Collective” podcast,  ESPN senior writer Jackie MacMullan says those closest to LeBron James would rather the Lakers be coached by someone who isn’t Luke Walton.  

“It’s clear to me and probably to you, Brian [Windhorst], that LeBron’s camp would prefer a coaching change. They’re not too subtle about that,” she said to the pod’s scoop-slinging host.

Walton at this point is a lame duck coach. 

LeBron wants his own coach in there, and owes absolutely nothing to Walton. 

Walton has done a great job dealing with Hurricane LeBron. 

Even Steve Kerr thinks so. 

The only way  Walton hangs on is if they get to the NBA Finals, and even that won’t guarantee him a job.

He pretty much as to win the NBA Finals this year, or else he’ll be gone. 

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