LeBron James, the symbol of the Lakers, has surpassed 39,000 points in his career, now in his 21st season as a professional. From training to diet, here’s how he continues to excel among the best.

LeBron James will turn 39 on the upcoming 30th of December. Meanwhile, as a pre-birthday gift to himself, he has broken through the 39,000 career points barrier. Against Utah, the Lakers’ star set another record, already aiming for the round number of 40,000 points, which – if his average performance continues – could be celebrated even before the end of his 21st professional season. It’s a milestone hard to even imagine, made possible by his robust physical condition and tremendous mental resilience. Let’s discover more about him…

The first secret is his great attention to body care, not only during the sports season. LeBron never skips a workout: as told by his social media profiles, it’s a habit, and even the workouts done on vacation no longer make the news. His friend and business partner Maverick Carter told ESPN that the Lakers champion invests an average of one and a half million dollars a year to stay at the top. This sum includes everything: from training to diet, and recovery. His personal trainer is Mike Mancias, who has long been following his journey.

Training is central in his routine, but not the only thing. When not engaged in the usual seasonal work, James stays in shape with his personal trainer’s programs and, above all, does not neglect the concept of rest. A couple of years ago, after a monstrous performance against Orlando (and yet another triple-double for the record books), he said: “The secret? It’s sleep. Yesterday I slept from midnight to 8. I got up, had breakfast, and then went back to bed from 8:30 to 12:30. Not bad, huh?”.

Attention to diet, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, is also fundamental in his daily routine. Among his never-hidden passions is pizza: LeBron usually eats it once a week and it’s also part of his investments. About a decade ago, he started financing a chain of pizzerias: the initial deal, worth about one million euros, is now worth much more in proportion.

LeBron James’ extraordinary physical shape and performances are impressing not just fans and insiders, but also bookmakers. Indeed, his current condition has led to a significant change in the basketball betting odds for winning the NBA ring. Bookmakers, usually cautious in changing odds, have had to acknowledge LeBron’s impact on the field, lowering the odds for a Lakers’ victory. This movement in the odds is a clear signal of how his physical condition and performances are influencing expectations for the season. It’s not just a recognition of his individual skills, but also of the strength LeBron brings to his team, making them an even more serious contender for the title. In a betting market always attentive to the smallest details, this adjustment in the odds is tangible evidence of LeBron’s influence in the NBA panorama.