When the NBA Playoffs begin, LeBron James enters “Zero Dark Thirty” mode, meaning a social media blackout and no contact with outsiders until Cleveland’s postseason run is over. 

Well looks like that is over, as LeBron was spotted on his wife’s IG story before Game 3 tonight. Rules are rules, but I think LeBron has found a loophole. I mean, stick to your guns LeBron, and tell your Queen you have no interest in being recorded.  

Watch LeBron go in below about complaining about being on a phone or something along those lines. It looks like he’s talking to Bron Jr. 

The Cavaliers have struggled to play consistent basketball all season and this is the first time a LeBron James led team has dropped the opening game of the opening series. Let’s see what happens tonight now that LeBron is no longer Zero Dark Twenty Three.   

Update: LeBron and the Cavs lost game 3, enough said.