We introduced you to Detroit Lions power back LeGarrete Blount’s girlfriend earlier in the year. 

Blount has been dating Merissa McCullugh for quite some time. 

Merissa and LeGarrette met at the University of Oregon in 2009, LeGarrette’s senior year. Merissa gave birth to their son at the beginning of his senior season.  

They’re the very definition of high school sweethearts. 

Now we received this tip, about an alleged side chick who wanted to get some things off her chest about Blount. 

Check out the screenshot below: 

Blount and Merissa have been on and off throughout the years, so you never know if there’s been available breaks for him to engage in such activity. 

He’s been caught sliding into DM’s in the past. 

See below: 

At any rate, it seems he and the mother of his children have an understanding. 

Who are we to judge. 

You can check out some pics of Blount and his current girlfriend Merissa below: 

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