Delicia Cordon, the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, has moved on, and apparently is moving on up. 

We posted last week Delicia receiving a brand new Range Rover as a gift. 

Now we know who gave her the gift. 

According to our tipster, Delicia is dating a Nigerian guy with the IG handle Hushpuppi. 

Delicia is  actually  with a Nigerian guy (Hushpuppi), she slept at his house two days ago .. he posted pictures and videos of her on his Instagram and she reposted some on her insta story . 

Delicia is currently visiting with him in Dubai. 

Meanwhile, attorneys for Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy are again trying to have a lawsuit against him by his ex-girlfriend dropped. 

McCoy argues that plaintiff Delicia Cordon does not have a valid claim against him, and also that her complaint contained “salacious allegations” against him which had nothing to do with her claims against him.

“Plaintiff spends many paragraphs dragging Mr. McCoy through the mud, alleging that he abuses his dog and beats his son, yet fails to allege that he is in any way responsible for the criminal acts of an unknown third party,” the filing says.

We’ll see how this plays out.  

You can check out more pics of Delicia below: 

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