NBC is all about Leslie Jones this Winter Olympics, and that’s because she works for NBC on Saturday Night Live. Leslie’s always animated, and always opinionated. But this might be too much. 

Listen to her over-the-top critique of fellow co employee Pierre McGuire. Not sure why she’s so livid, there has to be a better way to express yourself when angry, no? She got attention, and that’s what it was really about. 

“Okay, f–k a-shole! Why the f–k would you ask her that right now, in the middle of a f–king game that she’s playing right now? Thank you. Thank you for putting that in her motherf–king head. You know what, get your ass the f–k away from the hockey players! You know what, I swear to god, I swear to god. See, when I go, y’all lose your f–king mind! What the f–k would you ask her that for?”  

Congrats Leslie, you went all scorched earth and people listened, job well done. Now get back to being an SNL veteran and stop toying around with the Olympics. Maybe SNL will bring Pierre in the audience to heckle Leslie while she’s working, just an idea.