New York Jets superstar running back Le’Veon Bell released an album back in March when he signed with the Jets, and has continued to drop music ever since. 

This past weekend, Bell dropped another teaser video to a new song, and asked for some feedback. 

What he received next was totally unexpected.

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen added his two cents. 

“I gotta keep it band bro. This ain’t it.”

Allen wrote.

That’s when Bell responded, clearly butt hurt, and issued a lengthy response to Keenan’s critique. 

“If youu honestly felt that way, youu could’ve just txted me and said that…lol but it seems even ppl with check marks wanna troll to seek attention for mentions now a days…enjoy this buzz fuzz, it’s still all positive vibes,” Bell said.

“I was not trolling on my momma bro. I don’t troll. Like I said I speak facts. You shouldn’t have asked if you ain’t want the truth. All love over here bro,” Allen then replied.

Check out the tweets below: 

Keenan continued on, explaining to Bell his real friends would have kept it real, as he was just trying to do. 

Hard to say if Keenan is wrong on this one.

Le’Veon did ask for people’s thoughts. I’m pretty sure he just didn’t expect one of his fellow NFL guys to dish out some constructive criticism.

I would say mark down on your calendars Jets versus Chargers, but nah.

They don’t play this regular season.

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