New Jets running back Le’Veon Bell said upon reporting to camp that he’s in great shape. He’s proven that. 

But maybe some think he’s gotten back the wrong way?  

He missed a half-hour of Friday’s practice but returned, and missed the final 45 minutes of Saturday’s practice. 


Drug tests. 

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Coach Adam Gase said he expected some degree of it. It’s unclear why these tests had to be performed while the Jets were on the practice field. But according to Gase, it’s not uncommon. He said that players are frequently pulled from practice during OTAs to take drug tests and that it also “sometimes” happens during the regular season. 

“Since he wasn’t here in the spring, they have to do everything now,” Gase said. “You guys don’t see it all the time. You know, in the season sometimes we can be out at practice where a guy gets pulled off. It happens a lot in OTAs, you know, guys will come out late because they’ve got to do that.”

Bell was suspended two games in 2014 after he was charged with marijuana possession and a DUI. In 2016, he was suspended four games for missing a test.

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