Pittsburgh Steelers holdout Le’Veon Bell took to social media on Monday afternoon to bid farewell to Miami.  The assumption is that he’s finally ending his holdout and reporting to the team.  

At this point Steelers fans and players are over Bell and his holdout.  A holdout that might have hurt his case for more money more than anything else.

Not only did he cost himself many millions of dollars, but he let James Conner have an opportunity to play and the young running back made the most of it.

If Bell was hoping to stay in Pittsburgh beyond this season, that’s probably all but off the table.  Will someone sign Bell to a ridiculous amount of money?  Probably, but can that team guarantee he will show up if he decides he’s worth more money?

Whoever signs him in free agency is taking a huge risk.  When he’s on the field they will be rewarded, but what happens when he’s not?