Apparently Le’Veon Bell scrapped a comeback plan after his teammates made their public comments, ripping Bell to the media.  

Former NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew says he has spoken to Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell. He revealed on “The Dave Dameshek Football Program” that the two had a conversation before the Week 1 matchup in Cleveland.  

Among the topics discussed, MJD says Bell wasn’t happy that his teammates talked about his contract publicly, but he was still rooting for them Sunday in the season-opener against the Browns.

Jones-Drew also said that Bell is happy for James Conner, but that Bell should feel justified in staying away from the team because of it. His thinking is that if Conner got 31 carries, how many more than that would’ve been given to Bell?

More importantly, Jones-Drew said that Bell had a return strategy in place that may have been impacted by his teammates publicly commenting about his contractual status.

“I knew. But then I didn’t know because all this stuff came out after the players said (what they did about his contract).” 

When your O-Line is throwing you under the bus, not much incentive to want to come back and play with them. Of course there’s the matter of money. And apparently Le’Veon has enough to walk away from 900 grand a week.