When Bryce Harper hits the open market this winter he is expected to set a new mark for highest paid MLB player.  Many expect him to end up in pinstripes, but maybe not the Yankees pinstripes.

Harper’s top two destinations have shifted from the Bronx to either Chicago and Philadelphia.  Both teams wear pinstripes and both teams are loaded with young talent.  

Although landing Harper doesn’t guarantee either team gets over the hump and makes a run at a World Series.  After all he is leaving a team in Washington that was loaded with a ton of young talent and consistently underachieved. 

The chance to sign Harper and possibly get over the hump isn’t going to be cheap.  According to The Score’s Bruce Levine, the bidding is expected to start at $350 million, he was obviously laying out a scenario where the Cubs land Harper:

That’s an obscene amount of money.  Good luck to whoever lands this guy.  I’m sure he’ll be worth every penny.