Fresh off the 2018 Winter Olympics, professional skiier Lindsey Vonn stepped out on Sunday night for the 90th Annual Academy Awards and was looking pretty good. 

Apparently she had some issues with her sleeves, which at the last minute, were fixed. Hollywood stylists have all the answers.  

According to People:

The alpine skier had a bit of a fashion emergency just minutes before walking the red carpet. In the hour before she was leaving for the Oscars, there was an issue with the sleeve of Vonn’s custom gown.

So what did she do? Stylist Jeff Kim cut off the sleeves of her dress entirely minutes before heading out the door of her Bel Air hotel room for the carpet with her date, sister Karin Kildow.

Lindsey also ditched the black dress for another outfit at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party 

First she fell in love with Tiger Woods and then their jam-packed schedules get in the way. Next, she seemed to have a budding relationship with a former assistant coach of the LA Rams. 

Now it appears she’s single and ready to mingle. Why else is she at the Oscars, she’s dude hunting. The ESPYs are much more her speed.