“Extra’s” Tanika Ray sat down with Linsey Vonn today at Universal Studios, where she dished on her charity work,love life, and of course Tiger Woods. 

Lindsey recently “liked” social media messages about ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods as he competed at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. She shared, “I support him. We’re friends, we congratulate each other… it’s really nice to see him playing so well again.”

As for her new boyfriend, NHL player P.K. Subban, Lindsey gushed, “He’s just an amazing guy, he’s really upbeat and spontaneous, and I’m more serious, so we balance each other out really well.”

Vonn revealed that they met at the ESPYs when she was “taken.” After she and Tiger broke up, Subban pursued her. “He got my number and was very persistent.”

She elaborated, “He came to visit me on Christmas Day. That was the first time I spent really good time with him… he went in the lion’s den and met my whole family.”

Looks like things worked out just fine for both Lindsey and Tiger. Life goes on. Hopefully with Tiger winning more majors.