Tiger Woods put on a show this weekend, flashing a bit of the Tiger of old.  He finished in second place at the Valspar Championship and might finally be back.

Tiger seemed to enjoy himself and thanked his fans on social media with a message that seems to indicate he thinks he’s back.

His fans weren’t the only people cheering him on.  At least one of his ex-girlfriends was too.  

Lindsey Vonn, who has said in the past that she remains friends with Tiger, took to Twitter on Sunday to root him on.  She also revealed that she might be cyberstalking her ex, as a closer examination of her tweet reveals that she was responding to a “Tiger Tracker” account.

Cyberstalking might have been the only kind of stalking she was doing, because while Tiger was giving fanboys everywhere blood flow, she was on the slopes giving others the same.