Lolo Jones was evicted by former NFL star running back Ricky Williams, leaving her in third place in “Celebrity Big Brother” finale. 

Looks like she still is pretty upset. 

Lolo doubled down on her Ricky hate in the comments of one of her Instagram posts on Thursday.

“I was loyal to Ricky … and Nat [Eva Marie] the entire game. I saved Ricky multiple times from being back doored,” she wrote. “In the end he was not loyal to me, who was beyond loyal to him. He’s a false prophet. He spews wisdom and contradicts his own advice. Example: the whole season he said no deals … then he gets mad I didn’t take his one sided deal bc I wanted to honor everyone in the final. I’ve lose a lot in my Career. A TON. I’m not mad I lost, I am mad Ricky posed as a genuine friend.”

Ricky, who lost 9-0 to Tamar Braxton, and finished in second place, is not even that upset with Lolo’s reaction, telling Entertainment Weekly:

“Sleeping on the other side of the room from Lolo I got a chance to get to know her, and I’m not surprised by it” — “I really respect her and I think she’s a fierce and a wonderful competitor. And hopefully, she changes her mind. But if not, I have to respect that.”

She also claimed in another comment that we didn’t see the “real Tom Green” because YouTube scrubbed videos that would expose him.

Sounds like sour grapes all around for Lolo. 

She needs to chill out. 

Maybe this virginity thing isn’t working out for her. 

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