Lonzo Ball entered the NBA without any tattoos. Now he’s all in on his NBA journey and In cursive on one wrist, Ball has tattooed “motivated by Jesus, dedicated to the game,” along with an image of a cross. 

On the other wrist, the inscription reads “born to ball because of him,” along with Ball’s birthday. LiAngelo’s tattoos are much more extensive. Lonzo said his brother got them before leaving for Lithuania, where he plays now. He described them as covering LiAngelo’s entire torso.

“I like his chest, I’m not a big fan of his stomach,” Lonzo said. “Chest is dope.”

LaVar Ball, the family’s outspoken patriarch, objected to LiAngelo’s tattoos until, Lonzo said, he calmed him down. As for LaVar’s reaction to Lonzo’s ink?

“He was already over it,” Lonzo said, noting LiAngelo’s tattoos had caused the shock to wear off. And besides, he said : “I’m in my own house now, pay my own bills, so he can’t really tell me nothing.”

Lonzo getting a tattoo is more of a good sign than anything. Sure he’s succumbing to NBA life, and the peer pressure of his teammates, but at the same time, he’s slowly breaking away from his father. The Lakers have to be happy about his petite little wrist tat.