Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball hasn’t talked a lot about his split with former business manager Alan Foster, but he finally did over the weekend. 

On LeBron’s TV Show. 

“We looked at the transactions,” Ball said during an episode of HBO’s “The Shop.” The alleged problems “didn’t start happening until my mom got sick [Ball’s mother had a stroke two years ago]. She took care of all the money … . So that’s what really hurt me. That … hurt.”

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve known him since I was 12. He was like my second dad. He was way more than that, though … Like, I bought my mom and dad a house — he had a room in there. The media sees — like, the way I feel about it is different. Why I covered the BBB up on my arm. Because when I saw that, I saw him. And that (expletive) just made me so — like I was tight. Because when we looked at the transactions, that (expletive) didn’t start happening until my mom got sick. Because she took care of all the money (expletive). So, that’s what really hurt me. Like, that (expletive) hurt me.

“I don’t even know what I would do if I see him right now. I ain’t seen him. Because when that happened, everything just went off.”

In April, Ball and the Big Baller Brand sued Foster for damages of at least $2 million.

The lawsuit asserts that Foster defrauded Ball, misled him and mismanaged Ball’s funds.

Lonzo will hopefully learn from his mistakes. 

Not sure if they teach that lesson in Big Baller U.  

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