“I found out on Twitter,” the NBA player said, adding that he was in the car after leaving his grandfather’s house on his way to his brother Lamelo Ball’s game. Lonzo was told to check out the social media network because the declaration was being made that he had been traded. “That’s just how I found out. I don’t know everybody’s situation,” Lonzo stated after being asked if this is just how players are alerted that they’re moving on to another team. He said that he feels “excited” about his “new beginning,” but Big Boy wanted to know if he had ill feelings toward his previous team.

“Nah, I kinda knew I was gon’ get traded, though,” he admitted. “I just been in the trade talks for so long and then it’s Anthony Davis. L.A. gon’ do what they gotta do to get superstars so I kinda had a feeling.” He added that the best part of his time with the Lakers was being about to play at home, while the worst was being injured. Check out the clip and his full interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood below.