The Los Angeles Chargers have gained a ton of Twitter followers, which begs the question, how? When they left San Diego they were right below 500,000, but if you check now, they have over 805,000 followers. 

Luckily the internet has a way of fact checking, and there’s always plenty of people who love to catch people in the act. 

Noticed the #LAme @Chargers account had over 800k followers. This seemed like quite a jump from when they 1st moved to LA and had sub 500k. Looked up on a Twitter Audit website and found out almost half of those are fake.  

We did some of our own investigating, using twitter audit, and  found some of the Chargers followers are indeed phony. Oops. Not a good look when you’re a professional team buying fake followers. Chargers giving Angelenos another reason not to embrace them.