The University of Louisville has received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, multiple reports say, for alleged infractions during the much-publicized college basketball “pay-for-play” scandal.

A news conference was held at 1:30 p.m. Monday to discuss the allegations.

The notice has been long-awaited and will allow the school to learn of the severity of the violations and potential punishments from the NCAA, which has the option of levying enhanced sanctions, given Louisville’s repeat-offender status.

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The case stems from the Department of Justice investigation, which broke in September of 2017 when federal officials arrested 10 men with ties to varying levels of basketball.

The basis of the Level I violation is “an improper recruiting offer” to recruit Brian Bowen “and subsequent extra benefits” to his family. The two Level II violations not tied to Pitino include impermissible benefits by staff members and the institution not monitoring a high-profile student athlete.

Louisville now has 90 days to respond to the allegations. A final decision on Louisville’s punishment likely won’t come for another calendar year, as there still needs to be a Committee on Infractions hearing and potential appeal.

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