Walker was unaware of the rule that bans caddies helping their players with alignment, but officials at French Lick were not alerted to the violations until midway through her second round.

It transpired that Walker’s caddie was helping her line up putts on every green, and she incurred a two-shot penalty for each time she breached the rule that came into effect at the start of the year.

LPGA rules official Marty Robinson confirmed the severity of the penalties, and that a caddie for one of her playing partners had noticed the breach of the rules on the second day.

Walker then consulted a rules official on her fifth hole of her second round, and they collaborated to work out how many times she had used her caddie to check her alignment on the greens.

Lee Anne Walker’s adjusted scorecard from her first round at the 2019 Senior LPGA Championship.

Walker was not disqualified from the competition because Rule 3.3b states that a player is not disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard for failing to include “one or more penalty stroke that the player did not know about before returning the scorecard.”

It’s her job to know the most update rules. 

If not her, then it’s her caddies job. . .

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