18-year-old LSU student and lifelong Tigers fan, Kaileigh Thomas, is still being talked about only a few days after being identified.. 

Now she’s talking to the press, as she told The Athletic what she was thinking as the camera zoomed in on her, unknowingly becoming an internet sensation:

“I start to realize it’s going to take a miracle for us to win,” Thomas said. “At that moment, I just kind of shut down, like, we’re going to lose. At that moment, a big black camera started coming at me. Earlier in the game, we saw the camera and tried to wave. We didn’t think it was on. One of my friends said, ‘The game is on, they’re not filming you.’

“I kept staring at it because I was like, ‘Why is it in my face? I’m not in the mood for this at all.’ I’m trying to watch this game. The last thing I wanted was a camera in my face.”

Looks like she’s happy most of the time. 

I just checked my watch, her fifteen minutes are almost up.