Number 5 Tennessee was upset by LSU in overtime on Saturday.  The crazy ending started with LSU down by two points and less than 15 seconds on the clock.

LSU missed a shot to tie the game, but had multiple opportunities for a putback basket and ended up getting the score they needed to tie the game.

Tennessee then dribbled down the court and launched a terrible three point shot with around 4 seconds on the clock.  To make matters worse Tennessee fouled the LSU player who came away with the rebound.

LSU made the free throws and won the game 82-80.

Any team that launches a three pointer with plenty of time left on the clock, when they only need two points, deserves to lose the game.  It’s bad basketball.  

Take the clock down and get to the rim for a much higher percentage shot.  If you miss, the game stays tied.  If you make it, you win the game.

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