The adoption of the blockchain technology into the mainstream has a long journey to complete. Many companies like IBM have shown interest in investing and developing the system to revolutionize the financial spectrum. As blockchain gains momentum and recognition among big houses, the need to have someone with expertise in the technology has automatically risen. Small as well as big companies like Microsoft have already started to recruit people with blockchain expertise. However, the jobs are still confined to a few numbers, but as the record growth is recorded every day, opportunities are expected to grow. Several countries are already legalizing blockchain technology, including China, that is about to introduce its cryptocurrency. These developments hint towards the availing of employment opportunities for willing candidates.

Blockchain Developers:

Big companies have already started to hire blockchain developers. The companies that are investing in the blockchain are in dire need of professionals to assist them in moving from traditional ways of finance to new technology. This is creating more and more spaces for developers inside a financial market. IBM and Microsoft have already started to hire developers for the transition of the new technology. As the blockchain technology is being accepted worldwide, it would create a greater demand for developers across the world.

Blockchain Project Manager:

To conduct business in the right way, the need for a manager is always adamant. The job of the blockchain manager is to act as an intermediary between the business and the blockchain developer, allowing the smooth flow of information and business in line with the resources and needs of the business house. With proper managerial skills, the communication between the developer and the business can be facilitated devoid of any confusion. This will allow both parties to understand each other for enhanced development of the requirements of the business.

Blockchain Web Developer:

The wide adoption of the technology will call for skilled web designers to program customer-centric websites for the company to help customers understand the offered services, products and required information they may need. They let the businesses create an impressive image in the online world and help customers understand the products in the simplest way possible. 

Blockchain Legal Consultant:

As various countries are implementing laws and regulations on the blockchain technology (check for more information on the laws that are being enforced), the legal consultant will be responsible for advising the business as to how to conduct their ICO (initial coin offering) and how to transact in the blockchain program, build partnerships as well as to incorporate the new technology into their traditional methods of business. The job of a legal consultant requires proficiency, complete awareness about blockchain technology and the legal issues surrounding it.

Blockchain App Developer:

It is considered one of the highest paying jobs in the blockchain technology. The person developing blockchain-based apps should be having complete knowledge about how blockchain works, its processing and an upper hand over designing apps. With such skills at their disposal, this job can turn out to be lucrative for any app developer.

Blockchain Quality Engineer:

As the name states itself, the job is to maintain order and standard in a blockchain system. They have to carry out different tests with several frameworks and tools. The job requires a set of skills in matters of standard tests and advanced knowledge about blockchain technology.


This entry-level opportunity can expose you to the blockchain market, educate you about the working of the blockchain and understand all of the aspects of the technology. It can be a baby step in your journey to start a career in the field of blockchain. 


Blockchain careers have no dearth of opportunities for skilled candidates. The technology is recording impressive acceptance and progress in the market that is expected to give birth to new opportunities. With adequate knowledge and skills, a lucrative job in the blockchain is not difficult to achieve.