Luka Doncic scored 50 points and dished out 19 assists on Friday night as the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Phoenix Suns 150-136.

Well, not exactly.

Soon after the decision was made Wednesday to suspend the NBA season because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Suns announced that their games would continue virtually.

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Friday night marked the first NBA2K matchup, between the Suns and the Mavericks, who were scheduled to meet on the hardwood on Saturday at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

The stream was a success, consistently in the 4,500-5,000 range in terms of viewers. At one point, the stream reached more than 12,000 viewers, which is an impressive number on Twitch for NBA2K game streams. The numbers were also comparable to NBA2K League viewership on the platform, which averaged 4,663 viewers in 2019, with the NBA2K League finals averaging more than 14,000.

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