Don’t expect the San Francisco Giants ti use an “opener” when Madison Bumgarner is scheduled to pitch.  The ace left-hander isn’t a fan a baseball’s latest fad.

Bumgarner reportedly texted his manager Bruce Bochy and told him what would happen if one was used before his scheduled start.

I’m with Bumgarner, stop ruining the game of baseball and stop doing things teams who do nothing but lose do.

The Moneyball A’s have as many rings as I have.  That’s right, zero.

The Tampa Bay Rays, who used the opener the most last season, finished 18 games out of first place.  Sure they won 90 games and play in the American League East, but they still came away without a ring.

Winning rings is the whole point to playing the game.  If you start winning rings, I’ll start listening.

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