Baseball whacking or hitting the ball stingrays can help visitors get more out of every training session. The bleachers and a neighbor’s yard will no longer use to chase down errant foul balls. Using our portable batting turtles, you can catch and hold on to any loose balls. On and off the field, baseball turtles can be folded and transmitted on wheels for batting practice.

Through spring training Batting Turtles Coaching:

Shop our selection of portable turtles. You and your team will benefit from using baseball-hitting turtles for batting practice. Potable batting turtles will catch any foul ball and keep it at home plate, so you no longer have to snag it from the stands or the neighbor’s yard. An unattended baseball practice can be dangerous to onlookers, as well as to nearby vehicles and buildings.

If you’re looking for a portable hitting turtle, look no further than ours! Big Bubba and JayPro are two of our most popular brands!

There are no hidden fees – we’ll beat any competitor’s price!

It is simple to set up all hitting turtles because they are portable.

Several major league baseball clubs have used collapsible batting turtles.

Use every batting practice to its fullest potential.

If you buy any of our hitting turtles today, we’ll ship them for free!

CAG100 Non-Folding Cage Professionals

Portable aluminum batting cage “The Original Aluminum Batting Cage.”

Spring Training’s best batting cage

The cell of choice for MLB, MiLB, and NCAA teams:

Aluminum Pipe with a 2.375′′ Diameter

Construction that is completely welded together

The use of Double Welded Pipe in High-Stress Environments

Convenient to Carry

Nylon netting with #36 knots

Additions and upgrades can select from the drop-down menus below.

Baseball Turtles Cages for Home:

At baseball and softball fields, as well as backyards across the country, batting cages can find. When it comes to batting cages, we’ve not just been selling them; we’ve been actively partnering with coaches and sports facility owners who are looking for our expertise in the supply, design, and installation of our batting cages.

Daddy Baseball turtle:

Get a Big Daddy Turtle Backstop to protect players, coaches, and fans while also providing the necessary tools for success. It’ll be easy to catch foul liners and pop-ups thanks to a 20-foot wide x 11-foot tall net. Our Zone Counter and other training aids can be attached to the back of the screen. With the help of Big Daddy Turtle, any player can play anywhere, anytime – batting cage backstops can also be used for sports like soccer and lacrosse.

Multi-sport backstop:

When you have a multi-sport backstop, you can practice on any field, park, or gym. We used our EASTM technology, which absorbs impacts and ball energy, in the design of this product. Every surface can accommodate thanks to the steel ground frame, stakes, and rubber feet. Three people can assemble the Big Daddy Turtle in just three minutes with no additional tools or hardware needed. Learn how to create, dismantle, and relocate this backstop on our YouTube channel.

Use in a Professional business Capacity:

If you need an indoor batting cage for a sports facility that focuses on batting practice, ours is the best option. In the case of outdoor batting cages, we’ve got the best for the most demanding college and pro use; our batting cages have UV-protected nets that can resist high use in almost any climate. They’ll be comfortable at home, even in the garden, youth league, or high school field.


A 20′ x 11′ transportable batting cage

Foul tips and stray throws are protected by safety side wings that extend 20 feet.

As a result of Bownet’s EASTM (Energy Absorption SystemTM) technology, the net has a longer life expectancy, more excellent stability, and greater flexibility upon impact.

Fastest setup on the market, with no tools required, in just 180 seconds!

The printed strike zone attachment makes the backstop a versatile practice net for soft-toss, tee work, infield practice, and more.

Original BOWTM poles and roller cases are included for portability and storage purposes.

Before making a purchase, be sure to review the Proposition 65 warning.


  • Three minutes to set up (Three People)
  • By weight, I am 95 pounds
  • Rolling Case Dimensions – 61 x 61 x 61 “the area is approximately 14 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

At 103 pounds, the weight of the shipping box

The size of the shipping box is 63.5 x 16.5 x 11″

You’re Temporary or Secondary Ballfield’s Best Rolling Portable Backstop!

Coach JP’s Performance in the Classroom:

Portable baseball backstops are ideal for short-term, seasonal, or lightly used baseball and softball fields where budget constraints are concerned. With this Sandlot Portable Backstop, you’ll be able to play or practice baseball on any lot in a matter of minutes. Due to its large size and angled hood, and the players are safe!

Weatherproof & Built-Tough Design:

Coaches can move the backstop with the help of semi-pneumatic tires and secure it to the ground with the included ground stakes.

Used for Baseball and Softball Backstops | Weatherproof & Built-Tough Design

The portable backstop market is small, and most of the units are. 

That it weighs 400 pounds of steel tells you all you need to know about its quality!

The Portable Backstop Frame for Baseball:

Galvanized steel with a thicker wall thickness of 14 gauges is used to make this rust-proof 2-inch round steel pipe that will last for many seasons. Semi-pneumatic tires allow for easy transportation on and off the field with the sizeable hinged side wings that are 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The included ground anchor stakes provide additional stability in windy situations.


Having been in the baseball, softball, and sporting goods industry for more than 20 years has taught us that finding the right baseball field equipment for your city, school, club, or league can be daunting. Even after all these years, we still answer our phones and are ready to assist you in finding a product that meets your needs in baseball turtles.