With all the talk about Belichick not wanting to answer questions about why he benched Malcom Butler for the Superbowl, what does Malcolm Butler think about Belichick? 

NFL Nation reporter Cameron Wolfe sat down with new Tennessee Titans defensive back Malcolm Butler, who won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, for a rapid-fire Q&A. Here is the Belichick mention below: 

CW: I’m going to mention key players, coaches and NFL figures you’ve been around. Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.                                                                             

CW: (Patriots coach) Bill Belichick?                                                                                       

MB: There only could be one Bill Belichick. Business. Business, honest business and responsibility.

Interesting answer. Not exactly a sweet response about his former coach. This is what he had to say about Bob Kraft. 

CW: (Patriots owner) Robert Kraft? 

MB: Robert Kraft, that’s my dude right there. You would think Mr. Kraft works a 9-to-5 just by his soul, his image and his personality. Real great guy.

We may never find out why Butler was benched for the Superbowl. Maybe one day all of the details will be leaked. Looks like these two are in a good place.