The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event was only in Day 1, and plenty of drama has already transpired with two players getting disqualified.

Some people clearly just can’t handle the world’s largest poker tournament!

How to practice your competitive skills with online poker?

There are several methods to learn online betting or gambling. Among them, free or paid online poker sites are the best alternatives to learn the basics of this game. Simply sign up to these sites and improve strategies and learn more tricks to play against opponents quickly. By experimenting with online poker, you can anticipate major tournaments in the future.

However, it is recommended to remain vigilant as to the platforms to join. Some illegal gambling sites have indeed a fraudulent existence and will be able to exploit your data for unfortunate purposes. In order to avoid the risk of losing any money, ggpoker canada remains the safest web portal in Canada and especially at the world level.

A reminder of the tips to be the best at Poker

First of all, to excel at this game, it is so important to remember the basic rules of poker. Those rules are applicable regardless of whether you are in the poker room or sitting comfortably on your couch, playing against an online opponent. The majority of the platforms remind players of these guidelines for a winning combination.

To familiarize yourself and apply these basic rules correctly, don’t hesitate to sign up for free poker platforms.

However, here are the main tips to keep in mind in order to perform better:

  • Your concentration is limited to 20 minutes, so don’t play beyond that time;
  • Be in the best shape to play: Avoid poker if you are not in the mood or feeling well;
  • Only play in a quiet place at the right time;
  • Taking short breaks is a great way to de-stress and relieve the tension of a tournament;
  • Practice playing for free and gradually increase your level by starting to bet small amounts.

A Guide to Getting Started in Poker

If you’ re a beginner or have some notions of poker, it’s time to practice by playing against real opponents online. Here are the steps you need to take to join a legitimate Internet poker platform:

  • Carefully choose an online platform;
  • Fill in the form on your proof of identity and your bank account (RIB);
  • Choose the appropriate withdrawal or deposit method;
  • Make your first deposit and use your bonuses to increase your earnings.

A viral video sensation is taking the poker world by storm as a man has been disqualified from Day 1c of the 2019 WSOP Main Event for dropping his pants and throwing a shoe at the dealer. 

“He didn’t seem drunk but he went all in blind before the dealer was even done dealing. A member of the floor staff was called over at that moment and while being talked to by the floor staff member he dropped his pants. After picking his pants back up, he threw his shoe across the table.”

The player in question was disqualified after this incident. The video below shoes the shoe throwing.

🚨 NSFW 🚨

The man eventually made his way to the Luxor, climbed up on a craps table, and pulled down his pants again. 

Watch below: 

This guy was ALL IN.

Vegas Baby, Vegas! 

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