Talk about a big reveal.

Someone on tiktok, his handle is chrystianonline, is alleging that his boyfriend is on an NBA team. I’m skeptical because why would anyone who’s telling the truth post that? I’m loving how everyone immediately thought it was Grant Williams or Smart. It’s Noah Vonleh apparently though, at least according to the comment section.

Watch the video below:


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Check out some comments below:

  • *immediately googles celtics 22-23 roster*
  • Bro just outed an NBA player
  • i say grant williams
  • Wait a minute… WAIT A MINUTElol
  • My guess is grant williams or noah vonleh
  • BOYFRIEND?????
  • Bro look like Andre Drummond
  • Deuce got 2 now?
  • It’s gotta be Al horford
  • Nah he knew what he was doing holding the camera off to the side so we could see what team was playing 😭😭
  • anyone but kawhi and pg please 😂
  • This about to blow up quick😂

Of course there are gay NBA players that aren’t out as of yet. However this feels like a case of clout chasing. 

Let the mystery continue…

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