Manchester City is back to the top of the league and is only a point above title rivals Liverpool with this season’s Premier League being one of the most entertaining that we have seen in recent seasons. There are plenty of gamblers placing their bets on whom they think will win the league at casinos not on gamstop UK as they are looking to use sites not block by gamstop to place their bets on the up and coming matches. 

The season so far

This season’s Premier League has been one of the best on record due to how close it is at the top of the table and how close it is in the relegation battle with only a few points separating teams at the top and bottom of the table. Manchester City is looking for yet another title and they are coming closer as each game goes on, but rivals Liverpool are hot on their tails with only one point currently separating them.

It will be one of these two teams who win the title this season as the closest team to them is Chelsea and they are a long way off from being anywhere near winning the league this season. The battle for the top four is well underway with teams looking to qualify for the Champions League and teams below fourth place are looking to qualify for the Europa League. The relegation battle is well underway with Everton now dropping into the bottom three for a long time in their history. 

Newcastle United looked to be in a relegation struggle but have recently had a good run of form and are now clear of the relegation zone after they spent over 100m during the winter transfer window to help them bring in new players to avoid being relegated. 

Who will win the league?

It is hard to call who will win the league as both Manchester City and Liverpool are playing some amazing football each week and it will take one of them to slip up and hand the other team an advantage to go clear at the top. It was thought that Manchester City had already won the league months ago with them being clear at the top only for Liverpool to improve their run of form and now only being a point behind them with a larger goal difference as well.

You can see why the Premier League is so tough and why only a few points are separating the best teams.