It was supposed to be the Mariners year again this year.  After a hot start they’ve cooled down and will likely miss the postseason.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s game against the Orioles, frustrations boiled over.  According to reports, Dee Gordon asked the media to leave the clubhouse and all hell broke loose.

Jean Segura and Mike Zunino were the two at the center of the big scrum.  Manager Scott Servais later addressed the fight, via Yahoo Sports:

“Things happens in a clubhouse,” Servais said. “You’re talking about 25, or in this case 35, of the most competitive guys you’re ever going to be around… our guys are working through the situation. … it’s unfortunate but it’s something that happens.

“Guys are emotional. It’s been a long year. It happens. We move past it and get ready for tonight’s game.”

Blowing an 11 1/2 game lead does make for a long year.  Lucky for them the off-season will be here in no time, especially if they’re still going to run Felix Hernandez out there every five days.