76ers guard Markelle Fultz has been dealing with a wrist injury in addition to a right shoulder injury that he has been dealing since he was drafted with the number one overall pick.

Fultz claims the wrist injury has been affecting his ability to shoot.  The Sixers were reportedly surprised when they learned he was still dealing with a shoulder injury and would be shutting it down until he could be evaluated by a specialist.

The two sides don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye when it comes to his injuries and Fultz is reportedly at the point where he wants Philadelphia to trade him.

Via The Athletic:

In addition to a previously diagnosed right shoulder injury that continues to impact him, Fultz has been playing with an apparent injury in his right wrist area that has adversely affected his ability to shoot, league sources told The Athletic. The issue has led to periodic difficulties holding on to the ball during his shot. Specialists have been working with Fultz to figure out how they can strengthen the wrist area to remedy the injury.

Sources with knowledge of Fultz’s thinking have also told The Athletic that the player would prefer a fresh start with a new team.

At this point the two sides might be better off parting ways.  Fultz isn’t going to live up to the number one pick they used to select him and bringing in Jimmy Butler has taken away from his playing time.