Marlon Wayans shared a number of videos from his son Shawn’s high school basketball game on Friday night on his Instagram, but another video showed him flying off the handle at referees.

Video of Wayans blowing up at referees at Bishop Alemany High School in Los Angeles, where he called one of the referees a ‘motherf***er’ was obtained by TMZ on Saturday.

Wayans was seen yelling at the refs for, ‘not calling nothing,’ implying Shawn was being fouled on the play and it wasn’t called.

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While he’s not seen arguing in any of the videos he posted, the other video clearly shows Wayans yelling at the ref’s, with other parents agreeing with Wayans, with one heard stating, ‘Hey man, just call the game!’

He is seen pointing at the ref and calling him a ‘motherf***er,’ stating, ‘second time! Second time!’ indicating that was the second time the ref missed a call on his son.

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