Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr uncovered a bizarre story involving the defunct AAF and Marshawn Lynch.  According to Orr, the NFL running back attended the AAF’s quarterback draft back in November to support his cousin Josh Johsnon, per Orr.

While in attendance, the AAF got Lynch to agree to a two-minute interview in exchange for $5,000.  When he was handed his check for the interview, which never aired, he asked for it to be given to him in quarters.

The AAF then delivered 20,000 quarters to him, via Sports Illustrated:

“When a check was presented to Lynch, he asked that his money be delivered instead in quarters—which AAF co-founder Charlie Ebersol took seriously,” Orr wrote. “In the end, 20,000 quarters were delivered to Lynch’s room and the interview apparently took place… but no one ever saw it. It didn’t air.”

That’s a lot of change, presumably for Skittles in snack machines.  Although it was probably just a request Lynch made to prove the league was a joke. 

No wonder they folded after running out of money.  They were paying people $5,000 for interviews that never aired.

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