Raiders receiver Martavis Bryant has been dodging child support payments for months according to his baby momma.  He reportedly keeps moving, fails to report his new address and owes 80k.  

Via TMZ Sports:

Bryant’s baby mama — Jasmin Keesley — tells TMZ Sports the Oakland Raiders WR has only made court-ordered payments 6 times since a paternity test determined he was the father in 2015. She says she’s begged Bryant to help for years … and he’s refused.

Jasmin claims Bryant — currently in a 4-year, $2.6 mil contract — has been successfully dodging payments because he keeps moving without reporting his new address to court officials.

“They literally have to find him, and it takes about 4 months each time,” Jasmin says. She also claims the department of social services has sent two wage withholding forms to the Raiders with no success.

It looks like Bryant isn’t only on Jon Gruden’s sh*t list.  He’s also on his baby momma’s list too.  His play would probably improve if he took care of his baby momma drama and he would probably be off both lists.