In a very lengthy rant this week, Tight end Martellus Bennett blasted fans for “dehumanizing” professional athletes, ripping fans who are amused when someone loses their job . 

Martellus could still be bitter about the Pats letting him go. Check out these tweets below, he’s really expressing himself. Twitter is one way to do it.  

New England officially cut ties with Martellus last week in a move that will free up roughly $6.2 million in salary cap space for 2018. The Patriots had to make a decision on his future now because Bennett had a $2 million roster bonus that New England would have had to pay if he was still on the roster on March 14.  Business is business. 

Most fans don’t like to see anyone get canned, but that’s part of sports. Fans like speculating on where players end up, and with free agency, it’s all part of the job. Pick a safer and less high profile profession if you don’t want everyone to know when you get fired.