Memphis Express quarterback Christian Hackenberg was benched on Saturday night after he threw two interceptions in the first half of a 21-17 loss to the Orlando Apollos.

The poor play wasn’t lost on Marvin Lewis and Rod Woodson.  The two were caught on a hot mic trashing the former NFL quarterback.  They were also heard trashing the AAF.

Via Total Pro Sports:

Lewis: “Before we get there. Hack….Hacks about 50 percent [laughs]”

Flanagan: “[inaudible] say that on TV coach, I got you. We’re not on TV, we’re on Bleacher Report. It’s different.”

Woodson: “Ahh nobody’s watching, nobody cares, no one’s listening.”

That’s not the best way to stay employed by the league.  Trash Hackenburg all you want, but you are presumably being paid to cover the AAF.  

You might want to save those kinds of comments for outside of the studio.

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